Friday, September 18, 2009

Values of Life


As I was wandering aimlessly  in the blogs world,I stumbled upon a very interesting blog by an ex finance manager .The 50 something blogger gave vivid descriptions of growing up in the 50’s and 60’s.

I was captivated by the snapshots taken of those years.It brought memories of the long gone days.

The Blog ‘Values of Life’ by Marina Monroe was awesome.How interesting if I had that collection of photos to share with.Anyway my life was not that interesting ,with nightlife and all. But the journey that I made , the people that I met gave me some worthwhile lessons in life.

Couldnt even forget Tok Meah,the chinese convert ,mak Nab the village gossiper ,Tok Su the provider,Che A(as in are) the belle of JPL and many more characters. Even tauke Ah Seng jual ikan and Ah Kow jual taukua made Jalan Pondok Labu interesting . Adding to the spices was achi and her family. Well we’re one Malaysia !

The houses,the watering holes,parit hell,the pit toilets are they still  there? or have they made way for urbanisation.I ache to return to my roots!


picture courtsey of wikepedia

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