Wednesday, August 12, 2009



padang beasr nampak lengang

After days of hibernating in the house ,I got tired and ventured of the house.

Reading the statistic of confirmed fatalities due to the dreaded h1n1,it was better to stay indoor.But today we went to the border town of Big Field. Had a call from Brisbane enquiring our whereabout.


The town seemed deserted and many shops were closed.Except for a few outstation students ,not many customers were browsing the wares sold.


Had lunch ,the usual fare,the usual place. Sup tulang,ayam goreng kunyit and telor dadar washed down with air kelapa.Scrumptious!

Costing RM 19 for 2 pax.Sorry its buah kelapa not air kelapa. 


Before , I would go from shop to shop ,from stall to stall. But today we went straight to the row of shop that I had in mind. Bought a Rm 100 long black dress ,a brooch (RM 12) and a tudung for 35.

I was uneasy all the time we were there. Two male customers were sneezing not far away from  us.One had the tenacity to spit and clear his nose on the pavement of the shop. How uncivil was he. Suddenly I had this rush of cold feet and hands.


Immediately on reaching home,wash my hands and popped panadol actifast. Am I being paranoid?

As of today 41 confirmed ( net source ) deaths due to h1n1. Takuuut !


  1. Malaysians still have problem covering up their mouth while sneezing! Aish!
    Aten called sebab RINDU!!!

  2. Tu la .slumber aja nyeh hinguih kat pavement.Wadoi rasa seram sejuk la la tu jugak.( paham ke aten oi)

  3. kata tak mau kuar umah mama ni.tak yah pi mana mana la mama

  4. alaaa.kami tau mama nak kuaq sebab dia tringin nak makan ayam goreng kunyit kat pdg besaq tuu.tak gitu cik inson?