Tuesday, August 11, 2009



Had by chance watched a programme on 502.The topic discussed by the panel was makhluk halus which literally means supernatural,spook,ghosts or h2n2 as cik ley  made out.

  • Well, I could still remember the days growing up in the 60’s in JPL.People used to scream for no reason in my village. The shaman was summoned and a ritual  would be carried out.

Once a ceremony of  sort  was  done on my neighbour who had gone beserk  . Father and the villagers had to go deep into the jungle to release the ‘ beings’ .The shaman was  cloaked in black and chanted mantras . The victim was seen clawing and roaring as if possessed by the spirit of a tiger.The screams could be heard throughout the village. How very frightening.

You could have an eerie feeling if you passed by a certain house. It was rumoured that the owner was in a relationship with a supernatural being.

  • Once I saw a trail of fire in the sky. It was night and the sky was suddenly illuminated by a moving object.It was like a ball of fire with a tail.I was looking out of my window at the teachers quarter of a Felda scheme in Ulu Selangor one day in 1973.What could it be ?
  • My housemates could hear their names being called in the middle of the night.They could hear knockings on the walls that drove them into fear. But  for me I could hear or see nothing.I even slept in the house all by myself!
  • The former occupant of the house related that she had one day she saw her husband home and prepared tea for him. The poor husband was at that time teaching in the classroom.So who could that be? It was in no time that they hurriedly moved to another house.

Well those are experiences way back in the 60’s and 70’s. In the 80’s , 90’s and 2000’s there are equally disturbing moments that we went through.


  1. h2n2?hahaha,ba always come out with funny stories to tell kan?
    i miss you,Mum.
    Glad that u already started writing again. =)

  2. h2n2= hantu.
    budak2 ofis semua dok pakai term baru nih..huhu.credit to abah