Wednesday, August 12, 2009

easy goes it....repost

The biggest disease of the mind I once read is thinking too much especially about others.
How very me. I could relate to the above mentioned hypothesis without fail.
I worried for every single person in my family especially the off springs.
Are they doing fine
Are they eating right
Are they sleeping well.

Stop worrying ,you worrywart!
What will be,will be
The Future ‘s not us to see
What will be, will be

I dont quite agree with que serra serra for the future is for us to see.What you sow is what you  reap.On the way there is the qada and qadar.What you sow may be washed out by the flood.

Particularly right is education. Parents should from the very beginning pay attention to their children holistic growth.  See your gp if the child’s growth is not at par.
Tell stories to babies. Be imaginative . A blade of grass ,a cat ,a balloon could be the source of a story.Read to them.Pamper them with books.You wont regret the price you pay for the books instead for the vision and the corning ware. I dont have a cupboard for all those nice crockery until all the children were grown up and my girl  presented me with set of corelle from Australia . Instead I have  cupboards full of magazines,novels ,comics which I sometimes hand over to my nieces when they visited me.
Travelling should start with the bookshop.It was our ritual if we were to embark on a journey. Let the children choose their own reading material.It does wonders when the children are engrossed in the books. If the child wishes for a book please quickly comply.
Shower them with compliment when they are able to show progress. Even if the marks are still in the red.Even if the passing mark is way to go.See the glow in their face and the lights in their eyes. In our home there’s a wall of fame. Frames of the children’s convocation were put up as a source of inspiration for the younger ones.My own picture with the king is still in the cupboard.Its for the pmp you know.
Well I could go on and on.
babies reading

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