Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Count your blessings

I would like to count my blessings ( as suggested in Be Happy Dont Worry )
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Am I too preoccupied with eternal worries that blessings have eclipsed into the background.

  •       Have been blessed with good health during my 57 years. Yes, there might be aches and sores along the way but I survived!
  • I have my sanity although my world sometimes come tumbling after.I dont succumb to negative thoughts and temptations even through difficult and trying times. I survived!
  • I have been able to put my younger siblings through school.They see better future ,better than me.I am a proud sister of a teacher,an administrator and a PHD holder. They survived!
  • I survived the conflicts ,the chaos, the tribulation my parents went through. I salute you mak. We survived!
  • Been awarded PMP for my service.. Daulat Tuanku
  • Been awarded Perkhimatan Cemerlang twice and one with melintang .
  • Passed 4 /4 and 4/3 for PTK  for DG 32& 34 respectively.
  • Been up and away to Edinburgh ,Scotland. Cayalah! dah tengok snow and rasa below 4 0C. Menggigil.
  • Been to London ,Selfridges,Oxford Road. Yahoooo.
  • Touch down in Bangkok and Abu Dhabi . Ye ye
  • Been remembered,although occasionally by students,parents and teachers for my teaching./coaching. It touched me to be remembered.
  • Been there when  Seri Indera,Utan Aji, Kayang,Stella Maris,Titi Tok Bandar of the Bulan….fame as well as Sena were in their glory.
  • Being able to bear no grudge against anybody all through my 34 years in service. I could face my working colleagues without turning my face away.
  • Been honoured to retire with all the pomps and fancies. Attended by heads of departments , schools and even the honourable Menteri Besar! Well you see the pengarah pelajaran wants to officially declare Sena as Sekolah Kluster on my retirement!
  • Being able to see the needs of my parents and send mak to Mecca.
  • And above all being the mother of 4 adorable kids . I love them with all my hearts. Truly. olin ,ina ,wen and aten. 3 wonderful daughters + a son . What more could I wish for.
  • Not forgetting the person who inspired me, love me , for my warts and all -  no words could describe  .Dear Ley.Thank you!
  • Alhamdullilah.

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  1. i did this too..long time ago.i counted my blessings and called in senarai kesyukuran rozlin suhaida