Monday, June 29, 2009

Travelling Home & Abroad –1

A recollection of memories
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I tuned in to Radio Gegar on AStro. The chirpy DJs delighted me with their unending reminiscence   of wonderful places visited  during the school holidays.Callers to the station recalled their experiences of their holidays.
Holidays are a thing unheard of during my growing years. There is no visit to the zoo ,sea sides or the islands.Occasional holidays were trips to our relatives houses. But those were far in between. In fact I dont have recollection of trips or pictures to prove of one.
Our early travel stints
My family of six has travel bugs in them. I think the children have
uncountable numbers of of trips until they become wary of it.
The first trip we took were to Jalan Pondok Labu and Lunas where their grandparents were. Permatang Pasir and Kepala Batas were places frequented during their early years . But now all were gone and forsaken.JPL was only remembered in its name. So were Permatang Pasir and Lunas where visits were only for wedding invitations.

Our first car
our first was a bone shaker of a volkswagon.
The first family car was the beetle .Its ramshackle and rundown state gave us many experiences of engine breakdown.We have to hove and push in many unexpected places.Remember the breakdown on the ferry ,at the traffic lights and what not.

 R was sometimes driven into a rage that the car key was flung into the bushes!
After VW , the family car graduated to another saloon.  A compact car ,blue in colour and had the children and significant other transported to Singapore. aha …….. its the Fiat 127.
Trips outstation were more common when my dear daughter was admitted into a prestigious all girl boarding school in the heart of KL – the one and only Sekolah Sri Puteri in Jalan Kolam Air.We use to board at Uncle Roslan’s house in Kg Melayu Subang.It was more common when our dear young miss was down with a sickness or two or being involved in a mischief – going to Mydin in the middle of DSAI demonstration!

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