Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Odyssey of cikli's wifey... sakit lagi

Sakit lagi..
Cikli sakit sejak seminggu dua yang lepas. Namun being cikli ,he puts on a strong front.
He would still drive to the clinic by himself and attend to matters of his small stall in town.
He still put on his gardening attire and tended to the plants and flowers around the house.
He still goes to the mosque to pray .

I could watch but deep in my heart I wish he could stop doing the gardening and let hired hands attend to the matter.
When no 7 was being renovated he frequented the house to supervise the workers. And sometimes chipped in to help much to my consternation.
Awatlah dok pi sapu . You ni.....I said when he showed me the picture of the clean swept terrazo floor.
Kan nak ambik orang cuci?
I hired a team of cleaners from Nap Cleaning Services and soon all the clutters in the house was taken care of.

Then one evening, cikli was shivering uncontrollably. I was on the verge of calling the ambulance to take him to the hospital. But he hesitated going there.
Next morning, a Sunday,cikli was going to clinic Satu Malaysia or Remedic for his daily treatment.
At the wheel, I put to him that its better to straight to the ER at Hosp Tuanku Fauziah.
This time I ,he readily agreed.
All things moved fast wen we were there.
No sooner he was wheeled into the ER room where the doctor dutifully attended to him. Blood test,xray and some other test proved that it was not a minor demam.
After 5 hours in the ER,cikli was admitted in the ward with an operation scheduled the next day....

So our story began...
3 days at Ward Multi apakebende entah...Wad kelas dua katil 15.

Last night,cikli was moved to one of the first class ward thanks to olin's gl. Here we have some privacy and I could managed to grab a few winks on the single sofa. The other night I arranged 3 plastic chairs to sleep. Mau 10,20 minit saja yang mata terlelap.

This morning ,when I was going to leave him for some time at home,he grabbed my hands. He was in tears when he thanked for what I have done..kesian pula.

That is what a wife is for cikli. In sickness and happiness. Dont worry.We have been through up and downs for nearly 40 years...

And Insha Allah we will be together until the end.

Thats all folks. Taking some time to talk with my trusted laptop. Got to take my bp pill . Bye.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Sometimes I feel like running from it all.
Sometimes I yearn to be in a place where everything is as I command. As I want it to be.Everything is sweet and simple as it could be.
Mamps...hidup mati balik pun tak dapat kan begini.

Kadang2 terfikir kenapa perlu hadap liku hidup yang berlikuliku. Belok sana,u turn sini,dead end situ,himpit kiri,himpit apa yang otn ( orang tua ni ) merepek ni?

Tapi bila lihat kawan rakan sahabat handai adik beradik hadapi cabaran cabaran mereka,aku terstop dari berfikiran begitu.
Ada isteri...dimadukan tanpa pengetahuan hingga bertahun lamanya.
Ada anak... bila lihat sijil lahir tertera tiada nama pada ayahnya.
Ada menantu.. hidup bagai babu
Ada mertua... jadi kuli anak menantu.

Semua cerita cerita itu boleh didapati kalau anda rajin membaca KRT atau kisah rumah tangga.

Post ini ku tulis sudah sekian lama.......

Hari ini aku rewind balik cerita awal tahun dulu dan cerita bulan March hari itu. Bila cikli masuk spital...
Sejak 3 hari lepas bermula hidup kami di hospital akibat komplikasi kaki cikli. Panjang cerita. Panjang drama.
Yang hanya dapat ku ungkapkan... aku bukan segagah dahulu. Ke sana sini  ke  hulu ke hilir tanpa teragak agak..
Semalam... 5 jam menunggu di wad bedah, Tidur diatas kerusi buat aku tak betah.
Terimakasih Adik Yati dan keluarga yang sama 2 menunggu di wad bedah hingga selesai. Jasa kamu sekeluarga tak akan kak lupakan. Begitu juga adik Lan yang banyak menolong.

Sekarang cikli masih diwad Kelas 2 katil 15. Semoga dapatlah ruang yang lebih selesa nanti.
Sekian dulu kali ni..Nak pejam sat mata yang bersengkang malam tadi. .Nak lurus urat urat yang tersimpul kembali.

Lepas tu... rutin disambung kembali...
Bye...doakan ciksoncikli dipermudahkan urusan.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Sometimes..making decisions

Have wondered and have pondered. Numerous times.
Why on earth did I make that stooooopid decision?
Why for heaven sakes did I chooooose X over Y and Zee?
Why ?  oh  Why?

Definition of decision: A choice made between alternative courses of action in a situation of uncertainty.

Sometimes we think that was the best decison we have made. But as years gone by,we despaired ourselves in having that choice.

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Thats all folks. Bye. Hope you have a stress free weekend. Make decisons wisely.

Kadang2 mai juga rasa sesal awatlah aku buat keputusan keputusan yg bebal. Kenapa aku terlalu memikirkan apa orang kata...haha.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Sometimes .... watching tv.

Not all the times was spent watching the idiot box.
Only sometimes.
Sometimes when the prog. on air was good,I paid attention attentively.But it was sometimes. As most of the times,I'd rather multi task.
I might be watching a movie,but I had a reading material at hand.
I might be hearing a talk on air but I was washing the dishes as well.

But sometimes I was glued to the box.
As with watching Clever Girl on tv 3 this evening.
I was an avid follower of programmes thats has educational elements thrown in. Quizzes for instance.

And the more so when one of the Clever Girl representing Perlis was the girl that I once know.
She was a student in SK Sena where I was the headteacher.
I was captivated by her prowress in Arabic language. She could handle any programme as the school mc for various functions.
An active student,she represented Sena in many competitions.
After UPSR,as one of the fifty or so UPSR  5A scorers..yes that year if I am not mistaken we struck gold. I quite forgotten her secondary school as I had left school after that but I soon heard that she was one of the pioneer of Permata Pintar . Presently I heard from her mom she is now at BNM.
Oh ya.. she is also multi talented. No surprise that she tries acting as well...and if I am not mistaken,she appears in a drama with Aliff with the pajeri nenas in the title.

Hani , you go girl.