Wednesday, March 4, 2020

a prayer...



Those may be what rightly described what most of us are feeling.  Right now.
Maybe it was just me who was paranoid.

Waking up everyday was an accomplishment. Thank you Allah for giving another day .
But soon,when the laptop was on and I served the net,it evaporated . There's a void or vacuum coming over me. I felt the emptiness right within.

Fear then gripped my heart. Who doesnt?
Watching clips of people succumbing to this deadly virus was enough to tell me, that we are all very vulnerable. I used to see clips of  that happening in China. And to know now its happening in Iran , Korea on a large scale is shocking.

May Allah spare us this  . May my beautiful Malaysia remain beautiful in the midst of all this pandemonium.
Hopeful is not only a word. Its the prayer of all sound minded Malaysians.

The end.

Yesterday I saw a beautiful scene. Through my kitchen window,I spied a pair of birds. Lovely couple they were. Perched on top of the wire fence,I saw one of them leaving his pair. A few moments later ,he returned with something in his beaks. His partner was seen pecking at what I assumed as food. Twice I saw the same ritual. When I returned with my phone to record them,they had flown away.

Yesterday too, my daughter sent me a picture. There's a present for me. So unsangkarable! Tak sabaq nak dapatkan nya. Thanks so much alin kawan olin. LOVE you so much.
And aten too for the kaftan...
My prayer goes to all the beautiful people .

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