Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Keletah ragamannnn!!

Selain busy dengan make belief dinasours nya,Ahim minat menanyi. Selalu saja dia menyanyikan ayat ayat atau phrasa yg diucapkan.
His songs range from  tv adv jingles, baby songs and sometimes his own make up songs. He hums while playing with his toys.
At present his fav song is none other than Mr Ragaman!
Ahim nyanyi satu lagu, tok wan request.
And tokwanli proceeded to sing away...
Salahhhh...bukan macam tuu. Macam ni la..
Hanya kita berduaaaaaaa.
He jumped up and down, bowing to the tune of the song.
Terhibur hati tok and wan.

Ahim nyanyi sbb adik dah boring..
The other boy , Fateh seems to like football so much.
The ten old month baby would crawl to the tv set if its turned on to any football match.
Nak jadi Ronaldo  ke dik.
And another of his favourite is to stick stickers onto pages of his Guffalo book.Clapping if he managed to stick one .

Ateh bila kena perintah berkurung

Last night Ahim mentioned that he wanted his old house. Tak mau dah kampung halamaaan. Kesian dia. Rindu ayah tentunya. more thing. He knows that the handphone could be a source of information. Last night, while watching a film on dinasours, he asked his mom to find out the name of the flying dinasour.
Mama.. apa nama yg fly tu.
His mom obliged and little Fohim learned a new vocabulary....Pterodactyl.

dinasours kegemaran ahim
Bila dua beradik balik nanti, tentu wan and tok rasa sunyi...

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