Friday, August 11, 2017

Sometimes .... watching tv.

Not all the times was spent watching the idiot box.
Only sometimes.
Sometimes when the prog. on air was good,I paid attention attentively.But it was sometimes. As most of the times,I'd rather multi task.
I might be watching a movie,but I had a reading material at hand.
I might be hearing a talk on air but I was washing the dishes as well.

But sometimes I was glued to the box.
As with watching Clever Girl on tv 3 this evening.
I was an avid follower of programmes thats has educational elements thrown in. Quizzes for instance.

And the more so when one of the Clever Girl representing Perlis was the girl that I once know.
She was a student in SK Sena where I was the headteacher.
I was captivated by her prowress in Arabic language. She could handle any programme as the school mc for various functions.
An active student,she represented Sena in many competitions.
After UPSR,as one of the fifty or so UPSR  5A scorers..yes that year if I am not mistaken we struck gold. I quite forgotten her secondary school as I had left school after that but I soon heard that she was one of the pioneer of Permata Pintar . Presently I heard from her mom she is now at BNM.
Oh ya.. she is also multi talented. No surprise that she tries acting as well...and if I am not mistaken,she appears in a drama with Aliff with the pajeri nenas in the title.

Hani , you go girl.

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