Monday, July 24, 2017

Through the corridor of life...Thank you ma..

It seems not right if I didnt pen out what my frail mum did for our education.
Right... mum was the pillar of our strength. The epitome of our hardship.
She endured her husband callousnes for the sake of the family. She toiled on the hot stove to prepare the food to be sold. Sedap dan cantik cantik kuih yang dia buat. Rumah dia pula sentiasa bersih. Sampai tempat basuh pinggan ( rumah orang dulu) ...memancar mancar.Dan istilah sawang tak ada dalam kamus rumah tt. Sampai keliling rumah dia pun bersih sentiasa. Thats her. Susah wei nak follow cara dia.
She's a marble in endurance test. She didnt run away..even once when the family was at the pit of hardship.

Mak,pasaipa mak tak  lari saja ...I quiried one day while browsing the pages of the old gone day.
Nak pi mana? She asked back.
Betul juga. Nak pi mana? Rumah mak bapa? takkan nak susahkan depa.

So she endured the hardship of bringing up the chidren. Seeing them through schools,college and university.
And her children too werent that easy to handle. What with the constant squirmishes among them.
Sometimes I was perplexed at the state of animosity among us.But that was answered years back.

If mum didnt provide us with inheritance, she gave us lots of characters to emulate.
And on her death, when the children and menantus and cucu cicit gathered, they spoke none but her kindness. How her gentle characters unite the family.

Missing her and her doas for the family.

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