Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sunday lesson... even from the cats ,some lessons learned.

It was a warm sunny Sunday morning today.
The sun shines bright even in the ealy morn.
Cikson who was cleaning the dishes, opened the back door of the tiny quant little house.

In marched ninasandaq and Tam. Followed closely on their heels were two of nina's latest offsprings. Bu and Lang. Tamcik was nowhere to be seen.

Coaxing them out of the house without a bait was a futile move. So cikson took a fish from the fridge and jingled them with it.

All the four leggeds followed cikson's heels. When she deposited the fish on the floor,they scrambled to get their bounty. The little kittens were taken back when Tam shoved them to the wall. She placed her foot on the fish while grumbling. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Hey Tammm...jangan . Share lah dengan adik2.
I shoved Tam and let the little cats have their fish.

Tau apa ninsandaq buat.
Dia buat DONNO!

Mak apa kau Nina !
Boleh biaq yang tua bully yang kecil. I said between my teeth.

Tulah saja cerita Ahad ni.
Ada pengajaran tak dari cerita yg dikongsi ni?
Fikir dan galilah ... mcm kata kak oji.
Cerita ni baru berlaku sat tadi..

Bye... nak masak tgh hari.

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