Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Kau pergi jua... RIP my dear.

Sebelum aku ke KL, dia manja sekali.
Hari ini dia telah pergi. Pergi yang tidak akan kembali.
Sunyi rasa hati....

Tam yang disayangi mama

Disebelah gate dia disemadi buat selamanya

As usual ,the other day,when I opened the door,she sneaked in silently.
I was tending to some matters and didnt pay much attention to her.
After finishing my chores, I noticed her slumped figure on the cool tile floor.
Picking her up,I cuddled her.
Napa ni... alolo anak mama ni.
She looked into my eyes and burrowed herself deeper in my cupped hands.
Nak makan ke?
I took out some leftover fish from the fridge and put on the floor. I set Tam down.
She looked at the food and left it as it was.
Napa ni? Tak mau makan pula dia.

I left her to continue with washing the dishes.
She rubbed her body to the folds of my dress.Mewing softly.
Laaa... kenapa ni. Makan tak mau. Awatlah nak kacau mama ni ha?

I opened the door of the kitchen to let her out. Maybe she was asking to be let out. I thought to myself.
In sauntered Ninasandaq. Tam left my side and followed her mommy. And when Nina took a bite at the food ,she followed suit.
Laaa.ingat sakit mulut. Tadi tak mau buka mulut. Ni mak hang masuk baru nak makan. I told her off.
Anak mak rupanya! Nak makan pun kena mak teman.

Well, the day I left the house for KL on that Friday,she was no where near . Only Nina sent us off.

And yesterday we returned home from our trip to KL and Bangi. I went to the fence to turn on the tap. And there she was...
She was gone forever. Her black stiffened body lay motionless on the ground.

Baru mama nak beri perhatian... kau pi dulu ya.
I was having the idea of keeping her in the house as my companion. Ganti Pong.

That evening cikli buried her infront of the house...just outside the gate.
RIP my dear Tam... the shy blackie who was as timid as the church mouse but has a gentle heart.
Once I saw her carrying the fish in her mouth from tke back of the house to the porch to feed her hungry siblings.Just as Nina did.

Tam...kakak yg sangat perihatin,menyayangi ,lembut  dan menghiburkan.
Be missing you greatly.

Tam in memories...
Setia mengawasi adik adik yg disayangi

Dia pun pergi..

Dia yang menemani ibunya kemana pergi

Tam... apakah yang difikirkannya begini

Matanya tidak berkedip2 bila merenungi..

Dua beranak yang tidak berpisah selagi hidup

Nina macam mencari cari...

Sayu wajahnya kalau diperhati..

Sudah tiada anak yang menemani...

Tentu rindu pada susuk tubuh ini.

Kakak yang menyenangi adik yg masih kecil

Kenangan abadi dua beranak ini..

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