Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day mummy..

It was past 12 when I was woken from my sleep. The buzz from the phone on the bedside table startled me .
Eh... sapa and apa crept in my mind. Tgh malam ni.
Switched on the gadget and scroll down.
Oh... ada update on  fb.

Then the phone rang.
Picking it up,a cheerful voice greeted me.
Happy Mother's Day,mumma.
Abah dah ucap kat mama ka... was a question that the caller put forward.
Eh... mana abah tau harini hari apa. Sibuk sekarang dok ingat hari appointment hospital saja. Was my reply... ahaha.

Tersentuh hati ini mengingatkan anak yang elusive and exclusive ni masih ingat kat mama no...
The girls had been wishing me in wasaap and fb before the day itself. Advance depa dalam hal hal ni.

One dearie posted in fb. Ni screenshot dia. Nak tergelak kannn. Eh banyaknya tugasan mama rupanya.In fact semua ibu yang sayang anak tentulah buat semua tu.

"You are the doctor, the engineer, the counselor, the police, the jpj officer, the consultant, the chef, the handyman and most importantly you are the Queen in our hearts. Happy mother's day cikgu Inson Ahmad, i love you very big."

Tapi satu dua yg tak ada.... tokmoh and makgad.

On this Mother's Day, I would always remember one beautiful soul ... my TT. She's one person that occupied a big part of my heart. Love you mak. Allahu.. Alfatihah.

On this Mother's Day again, mama would like to share with all the mamas,ummis,ibus,bondas ,mommies all over the world. Happy Mother's Day to my MIL... Tokma.

Bye... love from my heart.

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