Monday, May 1, 2017

2 hari 3 acara... penat wei sini sana

Happy holidays folks.
Its cuti day for Malaysians once again. Hari Buruh as it was formerly known and now Hari Pekerja is a quite a sure heboh for the folks up here in Perlis and Sungai Petani.

Having 2 weddings as in anak penakans wedding on the same day had ciklicikson's family divided. So.. cikli stayed for perlis wedding with ciklin and momma with cikna made our way to SP . Kesian pd anak yang baru turun ETS kat Arau had to take to the wheels for SP that evening.

After a short rest,we went south along a packed federal road to Alor Setar and then along the highway to SP. It was in SP itself we had to inch our way because of The JOm Heboh at Amanjaya Mall. And when we finally arrived at my sis home, the event for the night had already taken place..alahai.

The next day was Fahmi's Wedding reception at a MPSP Tikam Batu Townhall. Streams of people ,some known faces while the others are relatively strangers. I had a hard time recollecting memories of who's who when sis Han introduced them  to me...
Cikli who took the ETS with ciklin arrived at the venue resplendent in his baju melayu and sampin mengalahkan pengantin arrived at nearly 4. And cikten and Safuan had to endure an 8 hour journey from KL. Pity them.

After the wedding ,cikson and cikbib 's family took a detour to Pulau Sayak for the much acclaimed mee udang. At Yaakob's we had our fill of mee udang yang sedap gilos tu. Thanks cikhamzah for belanjaing us..terimaksih sangat2.
sunset at Pulau Sayak

wedding couples photo shooting

We do we go after thiat?

To hotel to rest after a long and tiring day...Jenuh meredah jam untuk sampai ke hotel yang ditempah terlebih dahulu. Mujur dapat parking dgn senang. Sebelum tu cikson dah gundah memikirkan sure heboh kat situ kerana adanya JOM Heboh..hihi.

Luckily the room we were in were soundproof and we didnt hear the din at Jom Heboh. Tapi kami yang heboh tengok concert Fohim. The little guy dah pandai macam macam. He gave us a concert on he bed!
Gelihati bila dia suruh kami sama2 buat aksi bila cikson tak buat sama sibuk dia panggil mek. Maka bergoyang,berswayinglah kami semua ikut aksi dia..Banyak keletah dia mencuit hati in that 1.6 year old boy. Rindu dia.

The next day was Majlis sebelah lelaki anakanda Lily... the Perlis bride. So from SP we took to the road to SP at 12 and berombongan pengantin to a housing area somewhere near Jitra. Lepas makan makan and bergambar sakan,we finally made a move home.

And that evening, in the heavy rain we were heading for the bus station to send ciklin to Pahang.

Harini... semua dah safely back to our nestling place resting our tired limbs. Till we meet again.Thanks children of RBL for taking the troubles to make to the wedding do.

anak anak bermain pasir..

Bye people... seeing nature unspoilt beauty was so serene and calming.


  1. Alhamdulillah
    Dah selesai bab kenduri
    Sekarang nak mengadap Puasa pula

    1. Syukur. Dua dua kenduri berjalan lancar.
      Puasa tak lama lagi dah.