Monday, March 20, 2017

Put the books away....its cuti time.

The normally busy road fronting JPL is now less busy. Fewer cars ply the road early in the morning as usual.
 Hoohoo...its cuti time no wonder, said I to cikli who was watering the plants in the courtyard. But more tour busses could be seen zooming by. Going to Kuala , no doubt.

As a pensioner and with children grown up and living their own lives,what else could we do than stay at home. Travelling on our own,driving our own car was a thing of the past. Cikli isnt too fit for long strenous journey nowadays. Thus going to KL have to be overlooked . What with the coming nephew's wedding coming to Perlis very soon.

Actually I was anticipating Fahim's return. But as luck would have it, he was down with fever and sore eyes. So travelling the distance of 4-5 hundred kms would be a strain on him. Never mind darling, just keep getting better. Do come only when you have fully recovered. Tell mummy that .OK.

The Matta Fair at Sunway Putra if I am not mistaken is in its final day. My girls had thronged the booths of the fair and I had not known if they have made a bargain. The two sisters were cooking some plan to travel this year. All the best girls.

sapa kata ekonomi teruk,
tgk tu ramainya nak pi jalan jalan.

Yet another of my nieces have gone Backpacking . She's an avid traveller and China was her fav. place. As of present ,she's in Yunnan China hiking the mountains and gorges of the place. Her travelouge could be read here

dari fb

dari fb

Going to town the other day,I could see tuition classes being opened and children being heralded by their parents into the classes. Come to think of it... Its only March... UPSR is quite a distance away. Kesian budak budak tu. Ewah... I too did the mistakes of sending my children to tuition come school holidays..Parents, if you have the capacity to go for holidays ,do so when your children are still with you. Once they have flown away from your nest,its difficult to go holidaying with the full family anymore.

There were countless times,when a child would be missing from the fun because of work constraint. Like our trip to PD, kaklong cant make it as she had to attend to courses. Poor luck.

Going through the album , I came across smiling faces when were holidaying across Malaysia. The children were still young kids at that time... Kalaulah ada blog or fb masa tu.. tentu penuh cerita suka duka kami berkelana sini sana.

Thats all folks. Bye.

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