Monday, March 13, 2017

Go Head Go Stan.... Tajikistan thru Travelogue

Just finished viewing a documentary on the Astro Channel. Travelogue caught my attention when I was playing with the remote control. Changing channels like nobody's business as cikli was slumped on the sofa for his afternoon siesta.

teringat cerita P. Ramlee
semua Stans
Yang tak ada...go head gostan

The documentary was a travel document of a British Chinese gungho traveller travelling through the country side. It was peach blossom and the country side was heavily covered with peach flowers. A breathtaking sight indeed.

One thing peculiar...
The writings on the signpost was in Mandarin.
The school children proficient in Mandarin
They greet each other with assalamualaikum.
But their facial feautures were dominantly of the mat sallehs.

I did a little googling about Tajiks and the Stans..


lots of nuts
Bread in the market - Tajikistan:
staple diet

To children who are in the midst of planning a holiday as backpackers to Europe, this country seems likeable.
Tapi tak pastilah bab keselamatan dia. Kena galilah lagi tentang negara negara ini. 
What about Bosnia ? 
Turkey macam dok tengah kelam kabut saja..

Still remembered those school days of learning Geography. The syllabus of those in the 60's was far flung from now,if I am not wrong. At SPM level ,you could be quite versed with the geography of Europe, America, China and the lots.
You know the lakes of Canada,the climate of the tundra and the vegetations of the savannah. I got A2 for Geog. .. by the way. And it was in those classes that I developed a love for travelling. If I could travel the world,I would be the luckiest girl. Luck has it when I was chosen as a student teacher in Moray House, Scotland. And I would be not be an ordinary English teacher had I grabbed the opportunity that came along. I was chosen to study nursing in London tau... hehe. La ni entah entah tak balik Malaysia.

Come April,my sisters would be travelling to Japan...seronoknya depa.
Issshh... kalaulah dapat pergi tengok tengok negara orang,tentu seronok.

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