Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Most memorable...

If people were to ask me what was the most memorable during our holidays in PD,I would undoubtly say... FOHIM!
It was this little boy who generetaed the most precious memories .
Fahim was energetic as usual when we saw him at KL Central. Flashing his big wide grin when he recognised us ...his tok and wan.
Etet.... for gadget that is his slang for hp.
He would dance and wriggle to the tune of ' If you are happy ,clap your hands'
A piece of biscuit would always be in his hand. Munching the piece until the last bit.

During the stay at the villa,the pool was where he liked most. With aunty eena at his side, what could be more happier than a dip in the cool pool.

He had memorised a sizeable number of animals on the picture chart. And the first thing he did after waking up was digging for his toys and pointing to pictures in the chart.
He could point correctly to animals if he wishes to... elepahant ,rhinoceros,ostrich were some of the pictures that garnered claps.

Small though for his age, he was one agile toddler. Walking with a slight gait ,he would explore the length and width of the condo, murmuring some uncomprehensible vocabs. A grin would always be on his face. Such a happy demeanour was little Fohim.

Then... he fell ill after returning to pv from the trip. Selsema. And it was a sleepless night for the parents, Poor them.

Hope Fohim is all well by now.Love u .
Kyusuk menelaah

Sibuk menjelajah..

Time utk berendam

Wajah serius...ada le tu yg tak kena

kembali kesekolah... walau sedikit demam.


  1. Saya doakan agar Fahim cepat sembuh....permata hati tok/wan nii....

    1. Terimakasih uncle. Kesian betul tengok dia sakit. Dari penuh energy,jadi meragam saja.

  2. Sayang cucu lebih daripada anak sendirikan MJ ....
    Moga Fohim cepat sembuh ye sayang. Tak pe, demam tu kan upah Fohim nak cepat besar

    1. Sayang cucu ni next level org kata. Dah balik kampung,terngiang2 keletahnya. Kata ibunya,Fohim dah ok dari demamnya. Alhamdulilah.