Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sunny Sunday is today.

Ewah... macam tajuk scrawler kat tv luar negara . Memberitahu tentang cuaca
Ya after so many cloudy gloomy mornings,this morning the sun shines brightly. The light and heat penetrate the thin sheer curtains of RBL.
But there are still news of floodings in Kelantan and Trengganu. Hope that too is over soon.

Hope my spirit too is going to be warm and happy to say the least.
Dont know why ,its easy to be emotional when u passed that certain age.
Have to stop reading stuffs in IIUM where confessions as they put it stirred the painful memories of yesteryears.... esp.those on bloody and scary relations with family.
Yesterday,I read a confession of a confessor about how she grew up in a family of sadistic parents and siblings.
The hurt and pains of humilations at the hands of her ustazah mother made her the way she is. Emotional, low self esteemed  and many more.

TODAY is SUNNY  . Lets the story be merrier.

What errr.... what are there to write about ?

Looking around but could not find one. Presently.

Children, our next door neighbour passed away a few days ago. You all know pak Nor.He died at the hospital .Alfatihah.

Cikli is all dressed up for his morning routine . In red.

Cikson pula tergaru kepala ....nak masak apa ya?

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