Monday, January 30, 2017

Scaredy Cat

Tam is one scaredy cat.
She is easily frightened of anything.
This morning ,I noticed somewhat peculiar about her.
When she saw kak ina,she ran as fast as she could , bumping into the chairs and table legs . She meowed and grrrrrred incessantly.
Hey,what's the matter with you Tam." mamason asked .
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She ran to the window sills and burrowed herself among the folds of the curtains.
Mamason was taken by surprise at her change of behaviour.
Ina,what have you done to her. She's so scared to death of you.

Mum,last night I scolded her .

La tu kah? Sampai pagi ni dia ingat hang dok marah dia. Came cikson's reply.

Mamason tried to console Tam,but her grrrrring sound made she stopped in her track
Mau dia rengau muka,habis, Kata cikli.
Sembunyi diri.

After kakina was out of the house, Tam came out of her hiding place.And her grrrrrrrr too was gone.

Muka cuak

Entah apalah yang ditakuti sangat dengan kakina ya.

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