Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Shalalalat ( revised)

Feel like mencaruting.
Heh..mana boleh

In the 80's when we were angry, the word p*l*t would the most likely to be uttered behind clenched teeth.
I did googled the meaning of this word as when I was growing up and schooling,I doubt I came across the word.
Well.. see what I found out.
Palat is a tool in its English equivalant.So bukan kata carut la eh.Kalau wiki dia kata sH*t aja.Kalau marah sangat sangat Ta*k  kau .ehehe.

Last night I received news as well as pictures about the condition of my beloved girl in one of the teaching fraternities in far far away Kuantan,Pahang.
Its been her abode for years as renting out is not so good an idea for her as she is on her own.
It had been quite a struggle for her living on the uppermost floor of the apartment. The roof leaks whenever it rains.
Things got serious last year when I was there visiting her. I could see water dripping onto the tile floor at one corner of the house.
Asked her to inform the admin of the college.
She did submit a report but no action was taken for months.
And last night things turned to worst.
sebahagian saja ni.
Water was not dripping but its a "waterfalling' into the living room.

Should there be an accident like short circuit . NAYA! Aku sue hampa sampai tinggal spender.

What did the pengarah/pengetua said. I asked my daughter. Did she know?

Rumah I pun bocor. Was her reply
Jabatan tak ada peruntukan.

Kalau utk kepentingan staf tak dak peruntukan.
Nu yang sibuk pi sampai benua lain utk lawatan ada pula peruntukan.. eh tak kata kat tuan pengarah ya .

I remembered the day when I climbed the stairs of the jpn and armed with pictures of rundown roofs of my school. And I told them... I did my part . If the roof fell on my students u all have to answer.
Well...not long after that the said roof was repaired.
So ,its not sometimes a matter of no peruntukan,its a matter of how the head of the dept.shake their booties.. Goyang goyang sikitlah naik tangga jumpa mereka yg berkuasa.

Agak gini kot depa yang buat keja semua ni...
Apa pun relax.
Last last jadi katak buncit perut.

So much for today.
Mamason aka cikson bila marah ....
ok ok have a nice day.
Gambang banjir katanya.

Maaf ya kalau ada yg tak suka...saya pun tak suka .


  1. Bila terjadi bencana baru nak kelam kabut dan terus ada peruntukan segera...

    Selagi tak terjadi apa-apa, duit yang ada buat melancong pun seronok juga...hehehe

    1. Kakcik,
      Susah hati betul fikirkan hal anak disana. Nak pindah bukan senang dgn sewa yg melambung tak ketahuan juih.
      Tapi kan... nampak depa macam tak terkesan dgn semua yg rakyat marhaen hadapi. Ejoy saja nampak.

  2. Unfortunately kakak not really use the word palat
    New word to me hihi...

    These few days the same happened at JB downpour caused flooded everywhere.
    So... roofing bocor macam waterfall tu memang sedihlah...
    The suitable word palat for this scenario... now kakak understand hihi..

    1. Actually, saya pun tak gemar dgn all words yg tak kita benarkan anak2 guna. Tapi terlampau geram dan concern,buat rasa hilang sabar dah.
      They have the gut to announce projek2 yg berbillion dollar sedangkan keperluan dikesampingkan.