Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Our story again 2.

Been a year plus I have been ferrying cikli here and there for his medical appointments. But the last few days and weeks ,someone else has to take over the matter. As I was taken sick too and recuperating . But that seems like a crawl.

I wonder what type of virus has taken the better of me. When cikli gone ill with fever I was still ok. Then when he started coughing,sneezing, thats when I too went down the hill.Literary.
I have never experienced that kind of fever. Hallucination ,that is seeing and hearing things made me thought I was going bonkers. The fan on the stool looked like a strange creature out of a nightmare film. Fleeting images and knocking sounds......were something that crossed my mind.

I was unsteady on my feet. Getting out of bed was a problem as I would get dizzy and pitch blackness seemed to envelope me.
The culminating point of all these were when I had to grasp for my breath. I asked ciklin to send me to the ER straightaway although my Remedic doctor had told me to see him after my dose of medicine that he prescribed had been finished.

Administered the nebuliser and a number of tests,I was declared OK. Send home with loads of medicine and told to finish the antibiotics orescribed which I duly did.No blood test or urine sample taken. The doctor in charge forgo about that because my temperature was 36 . Ok katanya.No fever.

Finished all the medications ,but the fever seemed ketegagq as the locals would say. Still reeling from the sickness. Couldnt breathe freely when antogonised . Couldnt do this and that.

So....when cikli has to attend the eye clinic at Sultanah Bahiyah, ciklan's help has to be called this morning. No longer was his wife able to push the wheelchair from the lobby to the doctor's room.
I doubt even walking throught the hospital too .

Hope I regain my strength soon. Not only to assist cikli but also to visit my not so well cucu who went down with flu after coming home from Oz. Kesian Fohim.

Musim orang kahwin dan sakit demam la ni. I presumed.
Thats all folks. Bye. Take care.

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