Tuesday, December 20, 2016

enter this one makcik...ke service centre la pula

This afternoon,cikson ventured out of her RBL ie her home after a long while of hibernating. She as been affirmed was one habitual hermit. Even during her anakdara years in JPL.Seldom would you see her even at the door of her house. Then someone in the village remarked... dia bukan sombong,kita pi rumah dia,dia layan elok aja. Sebenaqnya anak dara cikmad pemalu yg amat. Itulah makcikson dulu dulu.

But her maluness didnt stop at JPL...

So no wonderlah she is not into socialising especially going around mongering and gossiping.She prefers to tinker around the house , not idealing though.

So when she has to sent cikli to the hospital,she decided to take the savoured iriz to the service centre at Kangar. After dropping cikli at the hospital,she proceeded to Jalan Pegawai .

It was 1.50. Nobody was outside as it was off hour. Gingerly she pushed the glass door of the reception.
Cik,apa masaalah kereta cik." the clerk inquired.
Alah... apatah iriz ni. Dok bagi signal ! ja. Susah hati makcik. Dok tak dok dia bagi sign tu.Asyik dok suruh makcik hati hati....
After signing some papers,she was shown the waiting room.
Into the room she sauntered and soon a young man followed suit.
She smiled at him.
Makcik,apasal kereta makcik,he asked.
Entah... tak center la iriz ni. Asyik dok suruh makcik mai service centre.She joked trying to be funny.

Soon,the lovable iriz was serviced FOC as it was still under warranty.
Hope no untowards incident lagi lepas ni.
Penat makcik nak pi tunggu sorang sorang kat service centre.

Eh.... mana tau kot boleh jumpa bakal menantu...dia bermonolog.. Haha nak gelak.
Drama tb3 beri dia satu angan angan.

It was nearly 3 when she picked her cikli at the hospital. To the cafe they went for their tea.After so long...

Bilik menunggu Proton Service Centre Kangar
Di sini aku menunggu
Di temani tb 3 itu

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