Tuesday, November 8, 2016

those darn cats... stop it Tam!

 Out of pity,cikson let the darn cats in. Let them take refuge from the blazing sun . When she saw them under the terung leaves, trying to escape the scorching sun.

Nina...mai masuk mai. She called to them as she opened the glass door.

Nina walked briskly to the house followed by her baby Tam at her heel.
No sooner were they in the house,they started scampering around the house.
One moment the duo were on the floor, next moment they were on the forbidden sofas.
Get down! mamason screamed at them.

All was quiet for the time being. Nina and daughter retreated to the safety of the dining table. Sleeping.
Mamason continued with what she enjoyed best presently. What else, if not surfing the net.
Then,she craned her neck to see what the THUMPHH was about.
She heard a little thumppph when she was typing away on her laptop.
She got to her feet and walked to the living space.
And this is what greeted her....haha
di lantai pula duduknya bunga ini
tadi dia diatas meja

Nina !
Tam ! stop it Tam!
Nanti kau!

ehhh...kami tak sengaja
Mamason it was Tam's doing la. Janganlah jerit kat Nina. Anak mamason pun bukan tak ada yang kecaq barang dulu dulu. Eh nak main sikit pun tak boleh ka?

Waduh waduh ,pandai jawab ya.

Mamason buka pintu and showed them the door.
Nina, pi main luaq na.

Nonchalantly, Nina walked out of the door with her tail high up in the air...

bukalah pintu,biar kami main di luar saja

macamana nak buka pintu ni ya mama

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