Friday, October 14, 2016

empty nest

This post written in 2009 has only 3 readers...Last night ,I rewrote the post and posted it again...with updates.Happy weekend, folks.
mana penghuninya?

Its like an empty nest
the house is empty
save for the cats, lizards,cockroaches .
and a self named me.

there’s the cat to meow all day
the roaches to hunt and play
for the self named me ,there's no one else except cikli

The tv blared
From Awani to CNN all night
Plenty of news, dramas and all those acts
but there's not a soul to interact.

Lets travel down the highway
To anywhere for a change
As this empty nest is making us lame....

When you are young and mighty
The world is yours to explore
But when age and sickness came a visiting
Only the tv keeps on blaring.

And tomorrow it would be the same though,
Nina and Tam would be by the door
With pleading eyes asking for food in the wee hour.
The chickens run for their food when I opened the back door
And the morning sun shone bright and clear. Hopefully so.

Empty nest
Sometimes you like it,sometimes you dont
Hullo,anybody home

kerusi kegemaran cikli n cikson.
Bolehkah begini bila pohim balik nanti...