Friday, September 2, 2016

Amuk ...amuck

Sedih baca cerita keluarga malang itu di Melaka.
Tak terhurai dengan kata kata......
Sanggup dia yang dianggap anak melakukan itu kepada keluarga yang memayungi dia .

Bila ada yang mengamuk tentu ada yang cedera atau lebih menyayat hati hilang nyawa
Dalam bahasa Inggeris amuk di eja amuck . Right me if I'm wrong.

Satu yang buat aku tertanya tanya...kenapa banyak kejadian amok dilakukan oleh orang yang disayangi dan mangsanya juga adalah orang yang disayangi.

Sehingga 31 August,Astro channel menyiarkan semua channels . Maka dapatlah aku mengikuti channel yang menyiarkan CI. Maka jika ada kesempatan,channel itulah yg aku selami. Cikli selalu hog the channels that he prefers...

Antara episode yang disiarkan adalah
There's a monster in our house and the last 48 hours.
The former being about a family shredded when the father was a serial killer killing innocent victims in Tampa,CA. How devastating to have a father who was a killer...a serial killer as that.

But the last 48 hours attracted my attention more...
How a son could have gunned down his own parents all because of money.
But there's a twist... it was the mother's last stroke on the keyboard that gave away who the killer was.
Her own son.

The parents had all those while been supporting the son. They have by the way only a son and a daughter. The son got all what he asked from his parents whereas the daughter just got pittance. He was showered with money whenever he opened his mouth for assistance. Amounting to hundreds of thousands. Then greed took over the better of him. His failed financial ventures made him in need of more alms. He took to forging his father's signature.

Then the last straw came when his father could not support him anymore. He planted bullets on them....then feigning innocence.

The as fate has it, the time on his mom's computer gave away his alibi.....Now he is serving a life term in a US jail.

Love watching real life drama....

Yesterday was spent at Hospital Lama Alor Setar.
As early as seven, I took to the wheels towards the capital of Kedah. Reaching there around 8 and securing a parking spot was easy breezy as compared to HSB.
Walked the distance with cikli and climbed the stairs to the ACC waiting area. The nurse asked us to have our lunch first as the session could only be started when the staff from HSB was here. So down we went and walked the distance to the food court....jauh utk seorang yg bertongkat dan sakit lutut.

After tucking in nasi lemak lauk sambal udang we walked back to the clinic. Tak dan sampai perut dah meragam dan tekak dah melugai... terus ke toilet la la tu..hehe.

Cikli's treatment was quick and we didnt have to wait long. By 11, drove back to Kangar with cikli slumped in the passengers seat. Tak boleh buka mata. Kesian dia.

Tapi kan... kadang2 rasa nak mengamuk bila terpaksa kena lalui yg entah apa apa kerana kelalaian sendiri atau mereka...

LETIH tau...naik turun tangga tak pasal pasal !
SOP mana SOP......kenapa satu hari macam ni .satu hari macam tu. Mengamuk mau ? Heehaa.

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