Monday, August 22, 2016

The sounds of RBL....

Never missed to notice these....
The vrooooooming of the engines that vroomed on the road in front of RBL indicates that today is a working day. Traffic is heavier on a working day than it is on a weekend. Wonder how it would be after the land nearby be developed.

The birds seemed to return in droves.
Those tiny chirpy birds were busy searching for food in toksaad's kebun
The terkukur has returned too. Always in awe at the sounds they make.
That bird that goes awk awak awk too . Yesterday its sound was distinct as early as sunrise.
Kook kooo oook...the male chicken wakes up the inhabitants of RBL without fail

Such was the sounds of RBL....

Then everything changed. Cikli switched on the idiot box. Out came blaring from it sounds that was irritating. Come on... it was the news kan. Tapi awat lagu tuuuuut.
And to make matter worse,it was our top official making all those noise....heeeeeeeeee.
Change the channel!
Change the channel!

So with a click of the remote control the channel was directed to 863.
Baik lagi dengaq siaran tu dari dok dengak maki hamun pagi pagi.Walau loghat adakala dia guna tak sama macam kami.

Entahlah labu......kook koooooo ooook. Jangan maki hamun bila kamu jadi pemimpin.

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