Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The babies of Ninasandaq

Ninasandaq gave birth to 4 healthy baby bulus a little while ago. Her hospital is the usual old rundown lorry of pakli's. She stationed herself next to the driver's seat while her arch enemy,Mummy Luna took control of the truck.

She eyed us with a look of a kind when she saw us with our bags for KL. Yes,Nina always gave us a cold look when she saw us going away. Once,she came over the compound and stood on the driveway staring at us while we board the taxi. Her eyes fixed.
Nina ,mama pi sat saja. I called out to her.
She looked at me and cikli as if saying...sampai hati no pi tak bawa nina.

Coming back to the babies,all her babies differ from one another.
One was white with black spots ,one was all black while another was grey.
This morning when I picked them up,each gave me a snarl.Their red lips making a full O.
Cenge nya depa tak padan kecik conet...I grumbled.

Nina was one doting mother. She was never far from her kitties. Feeding them ,cleaning and doodling on them.

On another note...Tam was not seen in days. Fear that he might succumbed to the deadly endemic that took the lifes of many cats in the neighbourhood. The neigbour who had a number of cats lost 4 .
mama dan anak


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