Monday, August 8, 2016

LIAR,LIAR....your tongue on fire!

A picture speaks a thousand words. So the saying goes.
The last few days ,a picture was circulating on the net.
A picture that was taken from an angle but did not tell the truth.
I think you already knew the picture in question.
Kesian dia...kena fitnah sampai gitu.
Its the price that she had to pay for being her..

Orang kata...once a liar always a liar.
So..when we lie we have to remember what we have lied.
Or we might be caught lying..

I have my fair share of being shunned for speaking the truth.
And I have a bus loads of lies told to my face....

The post above was written a few days back when I chanced upon the controversial picture.
At first glance I did have the impression of being negative but whenthe real picture surfaced my view changed.
And hence... a lie could be a lie until its verified otherwise.
Speaking of which some people could tell a lie without a twitch of their muscle or vein.
Tapi ingat....
If you are a LIAR, your tongue could be on fire!

Been to KL and back.
Was there from Thursday until Sunday .
The initial plan was to visit an ailing aunt on Saturday but turned out that it was a final goodbye to her .A kind,pretty,sophisticated lady was she and younger than me succumbed to the dreaded C.She was laid to rest at Danau Kota Burial Ground on that Saturday. May she be placed among the syuhadah.
Al fatihah.


  1. Inna lillah hiwainna ilay hirojiun...
    Semuga rohnya ditempatkan bersama para solihin.

    Picture tang apa tu cikgu?

    1. gambar yg satu tu. Yg nampak manja.Sekali tgk amboi...

  2. Assalamualaikum.

    Al fatihah dan semoga rohnya ditempatkan bersama para sahabat Nabi.