Thursday, July 28, 2016

DIY...the blog n the blogger

Thursday...the day that I would like to post matters about DIY. seems I have to take a different stand.
Dah tak ada apa nak share about DIY.
I dont have any new project worthy of sharing.

BUT...let me share u something...
The other day I lost my whatsapp .
It was a week of silence. I couldnt get through to my children and my groups...Missing were the news of what was going on in their circle.Damn it.
The thought of bringing the android to the store and have it checked.
Then....something clicked in my mind.
Why dont I check on thats what I did.
After following the instructions,then I was able to get my playstore back and installed the whatsapp app.

Then another mishap happened.
Out of nowhere,when I switched on the phone,there came a warning.
My phone was attacked by virus!
To the trusted google I went again.
After a few clicks here and there...the warning was gone. Dont know where...

But in the blogging atmosphere...sometimes I feel flabbergasted.The thought of writing or not to write did cross my mind. Again.
But u know DIY seemed to attract quite a number of hits. One being on the tutorial how to make a dressing for the dining chair.The second being on repairing of the pipe...haha.

Makcikson punya do how on DIY  menukar paip sinki rupanya menjadi rujukan...hehe.Tapi entahlah apa review pembaca sbb yg comment hanya sorang. Entah2 depa lagi pening bila baca tutorial cikson.

Apa apa pun... semoga blog ini memberi munafaat pada pembaca...
Dan dari media juga,tengah hari punya lunch is settled.
Nin dia...
order dari...Ainnur Aishah Adam Beautique


  1. Assalamualaikum Cikgu,

    I read quite a bit of your writings and enjoy them. I assume you are a cikgu...teka jer ni. Like yourself I do DIY as well especially around the house. Getting repair works and fix things that need attention from people are very expensive over here. Jadi semua kami buat sendiri. Have a wonderful day.

    1. Thanks maklong. Betul tekaan maklong. Saya cikgi pencen. Bila ada peluang,suka ber DIY.Kadang2 terfikir nak ber DIY mcm orang putih sana tapi kudrat dah berkurang...