Sunday, July 31, 2016

Beautiful sky,beautiful hearts...

Beautiful is the heart that gives....
Yes,he has a beautiful heart.
How many millions of times did you hear him dishing RM RM RM to the masses when he speaks.
Saya bagi xxxxxx million untuk ini
Saya bagi millions untuk itu. You heard him say.
Yesterday,it was reported thousands gathered around him .
So who you quess is not mine .
What you make of him too....

I shed a few tears when I watched on you tube of how a son went all the way to surprise his mother with a ticket to a concert. You can watch it here. So moved.

Yesterday,the sky was clear.
Travelling along the KP-Changloon stretch of highway ,I couldnt help but fell in awe with the sky.
Clear blue sky with specks of clouds formation high up .
Its a beautiful sight.
The trees lined road too was a beautiful sight.
I took my android and a few scenes were recorded.
Subhanallah...cantik betul.

rasa macam oversea pun ada

highway KP - Changloon

Bulan hadapan ,suasana ini harap dapat menenangkan gelora jiwa.....
pulau menggamit ke sana