Sunday, June 19, 2016

Perils from the soil.

Waiting for the berbuka,I turned on to channel History on Astro.

The documentary being shown was on soil borned bacteria. Couldnt get the name of the bacteria but it starts with the letter M and ended with a sis. Maliadosis ...something like that..

The bacteria could be lying dormant in the soil and enters the body through the wound in the feet and hands. And while most people could be immune,not do are people with diabetes.

And it so happened that one day,we ordered lorry loads of topsoil . I had the intention of finding helpers to level the ground with the soil.But cikli has other mind of his own. He took into himself to do the task.
And the ultimate happened.
His sole was swollen and pus ridden that he had got to seek medical attention asap.
Warded and then operated on to remove the pus in the sole of his feet. It was a successful operation but harm had been done. 2 more fingers on his feet got to go...

Taking care of the wound and preventing it from doing more harm was not an easy task.Much time and money were spent to seek a better cure.
Alhamdulilah.... now cikli could be on his feet again.
And cikson had to be vigilant in looking after him and his needs.Lebih2 lagi halehwal kewangan..

This morning,as the soil was soft,I tried to pull out the weeds from the ground. After a few rounds I gave up..And in the evening when I was watching the docu ,fear crept into my mind.

The M ....sis bacteria could be hiding somewhere around.Seram pula bila dah tengok dokumentari tu...

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  1. Berhati-hatilah...ngeri pulak saya dengar bila ada segala 'pus' dalam tu....