Sunday, June 26, 2016

Lessons from my mum....making the bed

Growing up under the tight discipline of my late mum,the bed is a no no place during the day. Dont u ever . If you need a quick nap during the day,go find somewhere else. Nak kena rotan cubalah naik atas katil tt.

Every morning,rain or shine ,mum would make her cast iron bed with a strict regiment. The mattress would be given a whacking using a wooden stick until it was soft and fluffy. Mind u,we didnt have dunloppilo or gettha or zaina zain's endorsed mattress.  The mattress was filled with kapuk and self made if I was not mistaken. So imagine how the kabu or fluff moved when disturbed.

The bantals or pillows were taken to the windows where they were aired under the morning sun. Wise mum knew the power of the heat could kill molds and jaranglah ada peta peta atas bantal.

I remembered quite well, during the puasa month,beside making baulu,kek marble,wajik ( never come across wajik like her...drooling already) sewing pillow cases,cadar was on her list of to do things. So come hari raya,the little wooden house not only be adorned with self sewn curtains but new beddings as well.

Browsing fb, I came across an interesting article here... Kenapa mengemas katil tu penting.... Navy Seal. made me think.....
Mak kita pun terror juga. Sebijak ketua navy seal bila dia menegaskan pentingnya mengemas bilik tidur .
Banyak lagi tau pelajaran yg di kutip dari mak mak kita yang kita ingat tak ada apa apa...tak tau apa apa sebab depa tak sekolah pun....
Alfatihah buat arwah . TT or Tok Ton...deeply missed .

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