Saturday, June 25, 2016

Help...the door is locked.Again!

Food on the table...checked.
Spoons and cups...checked.

I looked at the table full of food. The soup was nicely plated. The kuihs in the tray. The red and yellow juices in the container. In a matter of minutes we could sit down for our berbuka. So I think.

For no clear reason,my feet dragged me to the middle room. Pull the door behind me and all hell broke loose..
The door was stuck. Jammed. I couldnt open it from inside nor did cikli from outside. Gave it a hug and a shove. No . It remained stuck.

Shouted for cikli to try the tesco card method. Cikli could not as he has trouble holding things.I could hear him murmuring. Angry for not being able to help.

Ambikla kunci dlm lemari putih tu....also without success.

Panggil la sapa sapa. I asked cikli. Soon he came back with someone. They tried the keys and the cards. No success either.

Tolak sajalah pintu... I asked after some time.
With just a strong shove ,the door sprang open. How relieved was I . Freed at last.

Thank you very very much Adams. The two brothers are our nephews from next door. Mujuq ada depa. Kalau cikli saja entah berapa jamlah cikson terkurung.Berbuka puasa pun entah bila.

I ni dah tak boleh buat apa apa....kata cikli kecewa.
Mata tak nampak,tangan tak kuat.

Tapi mulut masih kuat...I said jokingly.


  1. hahahaha...nasib baik depa ada pakat tulong.....kalau tidak jenohlah jugak....jangan sampai ke 'soq' sudah!

    1. Haha. Lawak bila ingat loghat juga kalau sampai sog. Mau kejung dlm tu.

    2. Haha. Lawak bila ingat loghat juga kalau sampai sog. Mau kejung dlm tu.