Monday, February 29, 2016

Abu,Abu ...ada apa dengan kamu?

Dia kelabu.So its apt that he be called Kelabu.Hence Abu.
Abu is one of the 4 nina's latest offsprings. And out of the 4 only two survived.

Kelabu ,Abu  cikli hollered.
Where are you?
Well,all the other cats came running when the rain pelted heavily to the ground.They seek refuge under the sanctuary of the front porch.
It was then I noticed something under the rocks by the fence.As the rain was as heavy as it could be,cikli couldnt get hold of an umbrella,we let it be.
Then when the rain wasnt so heavy cikli turned the rocks over.Lo Abu was seen ducking into the gaps between the rocks.
Hoooih..apa kau buat sini Bu..
celah batu
Watching Bu's antics will always brighten our mundane day.He has the loudest shriek.He wails wildly to be let out of the cage every morning.His cries ear piercing. Shrill and long.
He cries the loudest for food.
Well ,I have never heard such a noisy kitten.
This afternoon ,I was cleaning the porch when cikli left the door ajar. The cats left no chance and into the house they went.
Ooooo seronok no depa dok partyyying in the house.Habis tunggang langgang kerusi.
Out out....I took each and everyone of them out of the door.Except one.
ABU!!! where are you ?
I spied him under the couch.And as soon as I was nearing him,he darted under the table.
I had a hard time getting this little rascal out.
I relented and left him to his whim and fancies.
Soon I heard the loudest shriek ever.
And when I neared him,he ran as fast as he could. Helter skelter as if saying..
Nekson...tangkaplah kami. yeye tak boleh.
Bored by his antics , I left him alone.
Soon,he was bored too.He climbed onto the chair and slept.
Ha...awat tak lari.I scolded him.He just looked blankly at me.
buat muka kesian atas kerusi
I gathered him into my arms and talked to him.As if he understood.

Kemudian...dia terlentuk .Lena..zzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Abu,abu...apa la kamu ni..

Banyak ilham cari tempat berehat dan berteduh.

dalam gayung
Abu was long gone.He succumbed to an illness and all help was futile.
But the memory of him was rekindled when I went through the draft posts of my blog.

RIP Abu.Miss you.

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