Monday, January 18, 2016

Its been a while ....

Its been a while for being able to dig up a post for this blog of mine.Been busy like  a bee. Life is between home and the hospital.Learning new things and relearning old things that had been abreeze but now a gale.
Cikli has been warded,operated for the complications on his feet.
Hope for the best.
Thanks children for rushing home to take care for dear pa.
The well wishers too who streamed the ward to visit cikli.

As for to be strong.May Allah ease the way for me,cikli and the family.

Bye. See you soon.


  1. Semoga Allah SWT mempermudahkan segalanya dan memulihkan segera kesihatan Cikli...


  2. Semuga cikli segera sembuh.
    Cikgu pun jaga kesihatan ya sbb yg menjaga pesakit kena lebih sihat....