Friday, October 23, 2015

When the stork came ...the bundle of joy.

It was day to remember.
Saturday morning,we were heading for Batu Pahat when we received news that cikten was in labour.In a labour room in Hosp Pusrawi...hosp DSAI as one put it.
bahan bukti kata kita pergi sini...hihi
We were already half way on our journey.To return or not.Air Keroh RnR was quite a distance from KL city center.And when news reached us that cikten was discharged and resting at home,the agony of doubt was soon lifted.
 After the engagement ceremony,we left .
It was already night and we were dead tired by the time we reached home.Tapi sempat lagi detour kat Nilai 3 tgk barang nikah utk anak saudara.
And only the next day,we visited cikten.Bringing with me the daging sambal Perlis mari and titbits from the engagement hantaran.
Then off to OUG Parklane where stayed .
The next morning we rushed to Hospital Pusrawi again.This time was for real.A 2.96 kilogram baby boy was delivered at 11.12 am.Our first grandson who has yet to be named.And the doctor who attended to cikten is Dr. Norkeda..

Pusrawi ..or Pusat Rawatan Islam lives to its name.No wonder la bila si Sepol pi sana kena reject.Throught my presence there,the aura of Islam prevailed in many forms..It was the most friendly hospital that I have came across. Even the officer at her desk lifted her head and smiled and wished us when we passed by.So did the doctors and the nurses.Smiles were on the faces of everyone we met.

Eh baiknya depa ...

That night we stayed at the hotel adjacent to the hospital.Hotel Putra is under MAIWP..if I am not mistaken..But throughout our stay,from the front desk to the cleaners and the cafe,we didnt meet any Malaysian employee.
Cik waitress Indon
Cik front desk Bangladeshi
Cik bell boy Nepal...
semalam disini
senang nak lawat Pusrawi...boleh jalan kaki

haha..sampai cikson tertanya kita ka Malaysia kah?
hotel Putra...rasa macam dok luar negara
Semua pekerja kurang faham bahasa kita.

Today cikten and baby visited Pusrawi again for appointment. And baby is warded for a slight kuning.Katanya dah boleh balik besok...

hospital ingat dak lagi jalan nak pergi.
Hopefully baby and mummy are recovering fast so that they could travel back to Perlis soon.Tapi bimbang jugalah dgn jerebu ni...

And until now,I dont have a clue of what to call myself.
Tok or  Tokchon biasa la
Granny berbau matsaleh la pula
Nana,Oma,Meme...terlebih suda.

di Selesa cafe 
Mana gambar baby...
Nanti ya...

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