Saturday, October 10, 2015

Like little chicks lost

For the past 50 or so days ,we have been shocked by the news of 7 children gone missing.A lot of speculations been going round.The daily mills news about the why of their disappearance and efforts made to find them.
And yesterday the finale of the episode was revealed.
2 of the kids survived the ordeal of being lost in the dense forest of the region.Found nearly mulnourished and barely surviving while the others perished.
Thank you so much for the effort made by the authorities in their rescue effort.
Fear of being punished,hidden by mystical beings were some of the theories abundant.
Anyway,Alhamdulilah that this episode of national interest would laid to rest.And rest assured,many more stories would surface in the near futures.Theories and facts .

The episode of the children lost bought to mind my own brush of being lost,a runaway...It was an episode that still lingers in my memory.
Being afraid and very very afraid of my dad ,I hid in the reban ayam behind my house.It must be just a kid as I could squezeed myself to be among the fowls in the chicken shed.I saw the feet of the neighbours searching for me.It was already night...But I stay put in that smelly chicken shed.And when they found me it was nearly midnight.I was one terrified kitten when they finally found me. And then it was the jampi ritual to cleanse my body and soul after that.

The memory stayed.

I felt the distraught faced by the mother of the 5 year old kid forcefully snatched from the mother in bright dy light in front of a kindy.I wondered how could such thing happen in Malaysia.We are not in Mexico or any other country where guns rule.Mafia gangs reign .This is Malaysia our beloved country.Is she turning to be one.

Thankfully the episode ended on a happier note.

And my heart sank when I read about the demise of one of the UPSI lecturers. Prof Suhaily may you be bestowed the best place in jannah.Alfatihah.

Many sorrowful stories we had yesterday.So much so that I felt like I was one little chick lost.
Cik,the little chick met with an acident yesterday. Dont know how he fared this moment.Hope he could pull through like pong before.



  1. Fuyoo...bahaya tu sebab ulaq sawa suka reban ayam...

    1. Masa tu mana ingat ulaq lagi..Najis ayam pun tak bau busuk...Tapi masa tu kecil2 lagi. Sekolah rendah darjag dua kot.
      Tu la orang dulu mana ada pakai saikologi..Tampaqloji banyaklah kena.