Friday, September 25, 2015

Intan Maisarah ...there's something to learn from her.

    I was flipping through the myriads of newsfeeds when I came across the story of Intan Maisarah.A lanky lass who was tossed into live turmoil by the deeds of her parents.DIVORCE  had wrecked havoc in the lives of Intan and her family.The father disappeared to be freed from any responsiblities.Thus it was the meagre RM 800 that her mother earned as a cleaner that has to cover the poor divorcee and her children's need. And in this trying time RM 800 adalah lekat celah gigi for a family of 6.

googled pic
just 10 yet she sweated for her living after school.

So.. Intan unlike most kids her age took to the task of contributing to the family's coffer.Working from 8-4 like adults in a an arang company.Sweating,dirtying her hands and face to earn 20 ringgit per day.Alahai...kesiannya.

I know of an Intan Maisarah too. When tt related the incidents years back,I was close to tears.How a kid earned money by looking after the buaian of a baby.And when he got his token,unlike other kids,he didnt spend them on his whim.He bought food home so that his siblings at home didnt have to be hungry.And now he is in college. And during his holidays he worked in 7E so that he wouldnt burden his parents..Yet other teenagers and youths took to the streets racing and rempiting.

I was Intan Maisarah too when I was at her age..At that time when girls stay at home to play selambut,I had to assist my father in his daily rounds selling mee.
Boys would tease me and I felt small when I went to school the next day especially when the customer was someone from the same school.Riding at the back of the food cart going round the town was not a happy time for me.Coming home nearly midnight was not uncommon and taking a bath in the middle of the night with ice cold water drawn from the well was a chilling experience.

Those episodes in my life were not bad after all.I learned many things from it.But it was the constant quarrels of my parents and my standoffs with my elder sibling took a heavy toll on my life.

Mak .cerai sajalah dgn abah.
Abah,awat suka buat dkt mak macam tu

What my father answered was not registered in my mind but mum's or tt did.
I doubt my siblings and I would get decent education if that was the case.Entah2 la ni dok jaga lembu....
And when my own children asked the same questions when we were in difficult times my answer would be the same as tt.
Cerai berai senang...tapi kehidupan anak anak lintang pukang.

Kesian Intan Maisarah..didoakan segala kemudahan buat mu nak...Semoga kau menjadi insan yang berjaya kelak.

Ala awat suka dok cerita kisah2 lama ...
Well dear..tak semua orang melalui kehidupan seperti kita.Dari kesusahan dan keperitanlah kita belajar menghargai orang disekeliling kita.Kita lebih empati ,lebih simpati.Dan kita lebih berhati hati...



  1. Sedih saya baca...hari tu ada kawan lama saya budak pereleh mai dok bersembang...salah satu topik ialah mengenai perkara seperti macam ni tapi tak seperti Intan Maisarah. Kami banyak bercerita mengenai charity work. Diam tak diam, kawan pereleh ni dok ada kat cambodia dalam misi raya korban. Photos that he sent, masyallah....membuat saya insaf seketika....saya tengok moto kapchai saya, dalam hati saya ucap alhamdulillah!

    1. Uncle,siapa agaknya budak pereleh tu.Kot kot la saya kenai .
      Bila kita rela dan selesa dgn apa yang ada,itu pun satu nikmat juga.Kita terhindar dari sifat tamak,riak serta rasa tak pernah cukup.

  2. Assalamialaikum wr wb. Is it not possible to apply for welfare help or from her area ADUN/MP assistance and financial aid, so she can go back to school!

    1. Sabihah,
      Mualaikumsalam,hopefully she got the assitance she direly needed.At her tender age,hope she gets the education and experiences of being a kid.Pity her that she has to work in an envoronment detrimental to her health.