Sunday, September 6, 2015

And life goes on....

Its two weeks since tt was gone...
Truth be told that since she was gone, it takes the life out of me.Not a single day went without me thinking of her.
Issh you ni tak nampak sedih pun .Keras sunggoh u ni...cikli told me off.
Well....everybody doesnt grieve the same way.
You might wail but cikson feels deeply and in the silence of the day or night,she weeps. I reason out.
Who doesnt feel sad having lost one's anchor.

But life goes on.

Today cikli's niece got bethrothed.The sweet young girl was engaged to a  soon to be doctor.A simple ceremony it was.
In October my nephew would be asking for the hand of his flame.My dear sis invited us to be among the meminang entourage to Batu Pahat. And that got to be seen as cikten's due date is around the time.
So too in bells are ringing for another nephew of mine.

Engagements and wedding galore for the late tt's grandchildren as well for my pil.And also the coming of the first cucu and cicit is much anticipated ...

malam sebelum

hantaran antaranya

See life goes on...
My sympathy goes to the refugees who braved the oceans and harshness in search for asylum.
Ya Allah permudahkan urusan kami...

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  1. bila beli air botol jenama cactus selalu terbaca kata-kata ini... satu inspirasi...