Sunday, August 23, 2015

The story of tt 2

Dear TT or tokton was unwell since before her eldest daughter was laid to rest.And she still is.

While growing up,I know I was a headache for tt with my constant qualms with my sis. Aduhai bodohnya aku.Entah apa la yang kami rebut...yang pasti bukan harta pun.And because of this,I always instill in my children that they must strive to be a family.Brothers and sisters are a precious bond. Kita bukan ada pilihan.They should be there for each other.So far,I am a contented mum to the 4.I saw the camaraderie among them prevalent.
Selalu cikson kata ....Jangan jadi kami...

Coming back to the story of tt....
She's now in the care of my third sister in SP.She's being an officer in the hospital has quite a load to carry.Semoga Allah permudahkan urusan untuk mencari penjaga buat tt.And what we can do is to chip in for tt sustenance.
And if things coulnt be settled,I might whisk tt to Kangar...which is a poser in itself.
Maukah tt ke sini?
Anak cucu jauh.
Dekat sini tiada saudara mara except me.
And what about cikli....
Those were the questions that would pop out of tt's mouth for sure.

Am telling the story of tt so that we could learn from her.There's a lot to be told.But I am leaving a big part of it...Boleh buat novel tau..Its the story of tt's trials and tribulations.How that woman of steel handled her family  and her chilren's families.She was the cement that hold the bricks...
Ah kalau mak mak lain tentu ada yang dah angkat kaki bawa diri...

TT I always have you high in my mind.

Bye. Have a happy weekend folks.
And to my children, jaga diri baik baik.Senyum selalu.

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  1. Salah satu sebab kenapa saya "quit" dari berada di Mekah selama 3 tahun ialah untuk menjaga arwah mama...selepas 4 bulan pulang, arwah mama meninggal.