Thursday, July 2, 2015

DIY....bila nak mula?

Bila nak mula
Bila nak mula
Projek menjahit
Untuk hari raya

Tengok mesin masih terbungkang
Tengok kain belum dibentang
mesin jahit masih menjadi kaunter dispensari
Nak ubat mari kemari

Bila nak mula
Bila nak mula

Mata mengantuk
Badan tersengguk
Bila nak raya baru kelam kabut..

di luar ayam pun bersarang
Bila nak cuci segala longkang
Bila nak tebas rumput yg panjang

Hai..entahlah cikson


  1. love to see the hen nesting on your shelves, so rural, the kind of scenes i am longing to experience. but i wont enjoy the drain cleaning ! your sewing machine became the convenient dispensary counter ! hilarious ! my mum used to have that useful sewing machine, those days when we couldn't afford to buy dresses from the malls. did you pass down those valuable sewing skills to your children?

    1. Anon,
      You are welcomed to visit rural M'sia should you one day happened to drop by.Living in the outskirt of town we could still rear a few fowls and keep cats as pet.They are a source for my inspiration n keeping me company..
      My children as to speak share none of my hobby...