Monday, July 6, 2015

Best wishes for thee,my dear

Yesterday she turned a year wiser...aka older.
The siput sedut state of the internet  made my getting the posting done APTB.

Today I knocked the keyboard and struck publish.


Happy belated bday kak Ina ...said the cats too.

the sisters

with abah Li

The second child in the family,Between an elder sister and a younger brother she came.Macam ibunya.So I cant deny when I saw the traits in her ,they were akin to mine...hehe.Sharp but witty.Loving but sometimes  remorse.Kuat merajuk sedari kecil.Tak suka menyusahkan and she is a great survivor...
Remembered those days of her in her sekolah rendah..Cepat belajar.By 5 she could already read just by following her elder sister who just entered school.
How do you spell kakak? We would ask her.
She would go...KA kak  kakak
katak...KA tak  katak
cirit..  CI rit  cirit
meja...ME ja just to name a few.
That was a source of our delights.She got a lot of questions for things around her.
Once she asked..
Mak,pasai apa kita tak minum susu we passed by a rubber tree and the latex intrigued her.
suka mengembara
agar boleh ke sana
And by 13,she saw herself in a boarding school in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.Having to be on her own till she finished her degree .Away from home.Even more so when she started working.

Dearest ..

Please know that mamaabah love you so much.So do your siblings.I have hopes that you would find your true fittings in life.May it be in your working or personal life.May one day,you meet someone who would be a true to you.


  1. is it true as i have been told, most second child are outstanding? are u a second child too?
    lovely meaningful wish from the mum who knows them best.
    may she scale greater heights.

    1. Anon, a second child too.Reasons for me being a fighter for survival.
      Thanks.Its the hope for any mother that her children be successful in life.Hope she does.

  2. Dah besaq dah depa.....tu dia aihh...

    1. Tu la uncle,
      Bila dah besaq2 lain pula susah hati mak ayah selagi tak berkeluarga...aduhai..

  3. Anak no 2 mmg outstanding.
    Anak saya Qeeb no 2. Dialah kakak dan dialah abang buat kakak dan adik2nya.

    Happy birthday juga buat anak cikgu.

    1. Anak no 2 keraih sikit...nak menang.Haha itu saya.Selalu nak jadi lebih baik dari orang lain..esp kakak sulung dan adik dibawah.Jadi kita selalu berusaha lebih.
      Terimakasih akak atas ucapan utk anak.