Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Ikan kekek mak iloi iloi....pong writes

Radio FM asyik dok ikan kekek mak iloi iloi
Selepas masak nasi goreng cikson continues with her reading her morning stuff.Apalagi kalau tak fb,forum and blogs..nyampah.Pong greets her Gud Morning pun dia buat tak dengar.

Hi people,
I am Pong...mamason latest heartthrob.Before, she had Squirrel and Dell close to her heart.But sadly they were cats of the past.And I dont know how and when we bonded together.

My mum is ninsandaq as she is called.As for my father,I never know which one is him.Those male cats from the neighbouring houses came courting my mum now and then.And hence I was born into cikson's household.
At birth,I had a few siblings.But one by one they perished.The last one was Teh.He was close to me and we used to roam about RBL's courtyard together.Our favourite haunt was the back of the house.Oh how I missed those care free days.
Now,my only companion is cik...alias Kecik from the house next door.Together we would visit Wan's garden or laze around wherever we want.

Running after the chickens is what I like to do.I like to tease the hens much to the consternation of that fatty burly male cockerel.Yesterday,I sneaked into their territory through the openings in the fence.The chickens were busy pecking the bits and pieces of food thrown by cikson on the other side of the enclave oblivious to my presence.
I crept steathily behind them and sprang them a big surprise.
Oh how they flew all over the yard.
Suddenly the big burly father of the chicken rushed towards me shrieking:
Kuuuuk kkuuuuuk ooooo kkukkkk.
Seeing him advancing menacingly,I fled.

Heh... sedap pula lgu ikan kekek ni ya...
I leapt on the desk despite cikson's disapproval.
Pong ,Get down!
As if I care....hehe.

Cikson relax le...bagi la chance pong mengarang pula!



  1. Hehehe...pandainya Pong mengarang... :)

    1. Haha...bolehlah auntie...
      Tuesday is the cat's day as cikson said.,,,Pong.