Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Terror queen of RBL...

She's named Luna.How and why she was named so is a mystery.She doesnt have that beauty or appeal of Luna Maya..that actress from Indon .Or a face as round as the moon.Aptly she should be named HITLER or his mistress.She had that hitler like moustache underneath her chin.And her stares too are piercing.

bila Luna lalu semua jadi kaku.

Ninasandaq was slouching on the window sill when Luna passed by.Kcing kcing kcing goes her bells.Immediately nina jumped down and hid under the sofa.Luna climbed the window and tried to get into the house.Soon a free for all fight erupted.

Luna get out!
I chased the terrorist away.She looked angrily at me and retreated .
nak keluar pintu pun ragu ragu

Nina ,come out.Luna is out...I called nina.But nina was adamant to stay under the sofa long after luna was out of the house.

Lunch time .... got some fish and called the two to have their meals at the back of the kitchen.Nina and Pong obediently followed my heels outside.Suddenly they stopped in their track.
Wey....cepatlah mai makan.Nanti ayam curi.
But they were not to be coaxed.
Hmmm...patutlah.There's that terror again.She knows when mamason is going to feed her children.And she wants a share too.
Taking pity on her,I throw a piece of fish for her .Far away from nina and pong.
And sensing that all was safe and clear pong went for her lunch followed by nina.But I sensed nina was tense.Her ears upright.
After her lunch nina leaves in a second.Retreating to the sanctuary of her home.

Luna luna....tak boleh hidup aman damaikah?
Asyik nak bergaduh.

baik sembunyi dari kena lutu..

anak Luna kawan baik kita.Boleh main sama sama

mamnina...tengok tu...

keluarlah pong...luna dah balik rumah dia
marilah kita main sama sama
biar mama jadi sentry dok jaga.
dia mai kita lawan sama dia


  1. Seronok tengok kucin-kucin ni semua. Sehat walafiat...Awat kucin Marina kuruih? Cuba habaq mai sat....

    1. Uncle,
      awat tak gemok...depa ni makan ikan,kepala ikan,ekoq ikan juga perut ikan yg direbus.Lepaih besiang ikan,cikson rebus bagi depa makan.Whiskies bagi sekali sekala sbb mahai dah lani.Kucing kampung boleh makan serba serbi.Nasi ayam pun depa pi join sekali...depa ingat org buat kenuri .