Monday, April 13, 2015

Sembang dari hati.....Who knows

Pejam celik pejam celik dah hampir 7 tahun cikson masuk alam pencen. 7 looooong years.
7 tahun apa aku buat ya? Soalan yang selalu bermain di benak fikiran.
Two years back into teaching . a year nursing the fractured wrist,a year into the wedding preparation of my daughter and the rest.....hmmm I dont quite know.
I had envisioned a life different from what I had those few years but things turned out differently.Mostly about financial matters .And those matters werent of my making either.Going to Mecca either for umrah or the haj ,seeing all the children settled were some that if they so happened would be the very best that I could ask for.
The months prior to my last day in service were full of happy thoughts.Alas those happy thoughts were marred by unfortunate incidences.Incidences that last years to overcome .Maybe not in a life time.
Money matters soon loomed its ugly head.You wont feel it until you gone through it.By and by you do not now where the bulk of the money went to....

But not all are tears.They were some that I was thankful for.
Those 2 years that I went back  teaching were happy moments if not for those incidents that were not of my likings and doing..It was not about the school.the staff or the children,
And seeing the girl happily married was also my happy day.

However,seeing happy faces of my colleagues donned in winter attires posing in front of significant landmarks made me feel a tad envious.How lucky they were.If it could be me.

But those who do not know say I am lucky to the point of being green.
Seronoklah dia boleh pi sana sini.
Seronoklah dia sehat,tak sakit apa apa.

Usahlah cemburu....pi sana sini bukan atas berjoli tapi atas urusan itu ini
Sakit tanggung sendiri...tak payah salahkan orang lain serta ke sana sini tagih simpati.

Sometimes if you dont have anybody to tell your woes,writing them down do wonders..Haha ni lah sembang dari hati seorang wanita .Yang dulu masa bekerja busy ya rabbi.Sekarang masa terluang mahu diguna cari redza Ilahi...sebelum mati menghampiri.

Who knows what tomorrow story will be...
As it is am happy being me...


  1. Hi. I really enjoyed my brief visit on your site and I’ll be sure to be back for more.
    Can I contact your through your email?

    Please email me back.


  2. Salam MakcikSon.
    Enjoy life to the fullest!!!!!

    1. Salam uncle,
      Sapa tak mahu enjoy life to the fullest ...mai habaq sat na.
      Cuma kena buat pilihan bila keadaan tak mengizinkanbnak belanja mcm org kaya...
      Kalau ikut hati dah lama naik kapai pusing dunia.....