Monday, March 23, 2015

Whew!....busy bee

What a  hectic weekend !
Even without getting anywhere save for a getaway a few km from home one evening.To the waterfront to savour bihun sup n laksa in front of the wave breaker.

Kurung Tengar

The children from Pahang and KL were back for a weekend.Aten and hubby arrived on a Friday while the two sisters on a Saturday morning.

RBL...kering dan kontang

I was fast asleep when I heard the sound of the gate being pushed.
And the silhouttte of someone was soon seen on the shadowy pavement.
La dah sampai...we embraced .Kisses exchanged.Alhamdullilah for the safe journey.
Lapar three in the wee hour of the morning ,the girl tucked in a plate of rice and her fav. sambal udang.
Soon ,the arrival of another was anticipated.At 10 she arrived.Pa went over to the bus station to fetch the weary traveller.Kesian.Berbelas jam dalam bas.
Bubuq pulut hitam was waiting for her cooled in the fridge.Knowing that was her fav dessert ,mum had already cooked the pulut the day before.
All in all,mama was kept busy churning food from her little kitchen.
She had
Gulai kacang and udang
Gulai ikan and bendi mamak style tapi tak berapa menjadi
Sambal tumis ikan,udang,ikan bilis respectively
Sayur lemak with kacang panjang and udang
Bihun goreng and other side dishes.
Cucuq milo,bubur pulut hitam and pincuk buah cermai!

See ...when the children were at home ,the sakits in her vaporised.Mama turned into a wonderwoman.

Sunday saw the children returning to their nesting places one after another.First was aten and hubby to Kepala Batas to catch the flight.The taxi was called to fetch them right in frontof the driveway.Settled.
It was the second 's return that had the mama in me in worries.The bus was at 1.45 pm.That's fine.But her forgetting to bring along the phone got me worrying.
Dah sampai mana eh!
At 10 in the evening,when there's no buzz about her arriving at her nook,I called the brother.
If she didnt arrive by 12.00 go and check  was mama's request.Meaning asking him to go to Bukit Jalil Lrt.Its not only mum who was worried but her sisters as well.
Then ,the call came over to announce the safe arrival of our beloved girl...mujuq lagi because the brother was in the midst of getting out of the house.

The third return was the longest journey.At 6.45 she was on the bus to Pahang.
Kesian anak anak...coming back for a few hours of stay was tiring.They have to go to office the very next morning.Sleepless or not.Tired and exhausted or otherwise.

Thank you Ya Allah.Having the children back even though for a brief moment was a lifeline for the old folks of RBL.And wasnt I grateful when I received ikan kering from Pahang.Isi ikan talang pula tu.Thank you Lin, a friend of my Lin.
Semoga Allah bestow you with lots of rezeki.
A little present for my coming bday too was received.Thanks a lot Lin.Boleh dah buat baju raya...
Seeing the packs of biscuits,the bottle of listerine, the bag of nescafe and assortments of other stuff made my eyes watery...
Olin,Ina, Aten and dear sonny Safuan....mama cant say more.Thank you.


pasar tani di petang hari...

Thats all folks.Bye.


  1. SubhanAllah. Kalau melihat gambar pemandangan, saya akan sentiasa rasa teruja... :)

    1. Saya pun rasanya amat dekat dgn alam.Antara shopping mall saya pilih tempat yang boleh saya kagumi alam semula jadi.Tu yang suka pi duduk kat Pahang.Nampak gunung berbalam balam,langit terbentang.Perlis juga banyak tempat menarik sebenarnya.

  2. Alhamdulillah
    Mesti anak2 cikgu seronok disambut dengan makanan kegemaran masing2.
    Hati ibu kan? Penat macamana dan sakit macamana tetaplah mahu menjamu anak2 dgn makanan kegemaran depa.

    1. Akak, itu rasanya sifat semulajadi ibu2 yang normal.Selagi anak2 tak dijamu rasa kurang perhatian pd mereka.Masak sendiri,air tangan sendiri.