Friday, March 6, 2015

Lessons from my mother

    All through the years,mum departs knowledge and wisdom to her children but its her actions that speak louder than words.
I still remembered that kind gesture mum made when she let the beggar lady picked the sireh from her tree.
Not only that,she gave a few pieces of her kuih to the lady to eat.
Mak awat bagi kat dia...kotoq la dia.Telinga dia pun panjang berjela.
Mum just smiled.
Tolong orang dapat pahala.was her explanantion.Gathering pahala was one side but the gesture she made made a strong impact on little me.
    That day a lady appeared on my lawn and asked for some money.Looking at her reminded me of that beggar lady .She may not be my race and religion but mum had set in my mind. : Be kind to others even though they might be of different legion.
True enough in my time of needs...its not my own race who gave me a helping hand.It happened not once but on many occasions.I've narrated those incidents before.

Apa yang kita buat adalah lebih memberi impak daripada apa yang kita cakap....I might not remember her words but I remembered her actions more.


  1. Pesan mak pada saya pun ada banyak dan menjadi panduan hidup saya hingga hari ini...

    1. IM,
      Insha Allah anak anak pula akan menjadikan pesan kita sbg panduan.Kalau tak banyak ,sedikit.Tapi itulah...anak2 sekarang lebih terpelajar dari kita.