Monday, February 9, 2015

What a week....1

Been as busy as a bee the last public holiday.Since Thaipusm + Hari Wilayah + cuti semester,members of the family from Pahang,KL made a trip home.All in all except for the sonny boy who got sent to Indonesia for a business trip.Being a first timer on an overseas trip alone,I was a bit concern.
Cukup duitkah?
Tahu jalankah? and scores of other adversities hovered over my mind.
Luckily...everything was fine.

Having children over for the holidays made me over excited cikli observed.Macam macam nak buat.
Rumah nak kemas.Bilik air nak basuh.Linen nak crisp and fresh.Dah turun perangai tokton nak buat camanakan.I still vividly remember when there were visitors to the house my mum would be on her hands and knees.Washing .cooking,cleaning etc etc.

Well....I didnt do much cooking except for ayam masak merah.gulai ikan and a few other dishes.But dinner at Kuala must be in the iterinanry .Our usual joint at Mona di Koma was closed so we had to make do with the eatery next door.Bolehlah....

A visit to Padang Besar too was in our to do list... Ina got her cooking utensils,sos tomyam.Beria benau dia. The rest of us were contented to come home with asinan,sweet and other krup krap.

Setakat ni dulu repotz cikson tentang apa yg dilalui minggu lepaih.Sebenagnya banyak onak dan duri yg ditempuhi..

Thats all folks..Till we meet again.Bye.

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