Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Alahai Pong sayang.

He has gone too fast too soon.Once a super active and lovable anak dara of a cat ,she went down with fever.It was a Saturday and cikli couldnt bring her to the vet.The next day she lay motionless in the backyard of our immediate neighbour.Cikli buried her under the coconut tree amidst misty eyes.

Sejak itu Pong yang Pang tinggal sendirian.While Nina has other small kids to nurture and raise.
Nina doesnt lavish her attention on poor Pong either.

So Pong turned her attention on the home sapeins of RBL preferring mamason on top of others.She would lay sprawled on the floor whenever mamason put feet down.She rolled her soft body o legs as if saying:
Mama love me will you.Pick me up.Caress me....
And whenever mamason picks her up ,she goes limp.Her eyes met mama's eyes as if imploring:
Love me mummmy...I'll love you millions.

So from that day ,poor Pong became Makcikson 's  shadow.Following her footsteps wherever she goes..Answering her questions as if they understand each other.

Alahai Pong sayang macam tahu saja mama needs a company.She is as lonely as you .

Bu yg telah  pergi

tinggal sendirian

ibu pun tak peduli


  1. alahaii pong..kurang kasih syg ke pong? hehe

  2. Bila anak2 sudah ada kehidupan mereka sendiri, ibubapa kembali menyendiri...